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Surprisingly, not everyone in the world knows about fanfiction. Those who do know about fanfiction really undervalue it sometimes, and that is why I believe more people should know about the true art of fanfiction.

What is fanfiction?
Fanfictions are stories written by fans of TV-shows, movies, books, and all other kinds of things with characters in it, like comics, or animes by example. With fanfiction, fans use the characters of their favourite TV-show or movie, to write their own stories with. This isn’t because they think they can do better then the original creators of the characters, but just because they love the characters and their stories so much. They like it to give their own spin to the story.

Why is fanfiction this special?
As I said before, there are many people in the world who do not know about fanfiction, while it is such a beautiful thing. Many people stay up the entire night, to read fourty chapters of their favourite fanfic, and spam the profile of the fic author full with messages, begging to continue the story. Isn’t that a beautiful thing?
By writing fanfiction, the author has the chance to take over the role of the creator of his/her favourite characters. Maybe the author’s favourite character died in the season finale of his/her favourite series?
Feels are flowing everywhere, but by writing a fanfic, the author can bring the character back to live again, in a way he/she desires. The author makes the rules in his/her fanfic, and can do everything he/she wants.

Alternative universes, fluffy fics, and angsty ones…
Another beautiful part of fanfiction is, that you have so many different categories! You can write the characters of your fanfic into another universe, and you can do with them whatever you want. You can write (by example) a story where the characters of Greys Anatomy have super powers, or a fic where Skye (agents of SHIELD) has never been caught by Coulson and Ward. Everything is possible. You are the one who makes the decision.

How many categories of fanfiction are there?
Honestly, there are way too many, but I will give you the main categories:
In a smutty fanfic, the characters end up having… “Sexy” situations, if you know what I mean.
Fluffy fanfictions are sweet, by example, a character that has family time with his fictional kids, or marries the love of his/her life.
Angsty fics are scary, and you can do a loooooot of things with them. A character could die, he/she could get wounded, or something horrible happends to his/her loved ones. A lot of things are possible.
-AU (alternative universe)
As I explained before, a lot of things are possible with alternative universe fanfiction. You can do basically everything, as long as it differs from the normal world from the character.

Good fanfiction websites: 
Surprisingly -not- , the internet is filled with fanfiction. Good websites to write and/or read fanfiction, are:
-tumblr.com (fill in the kind of fanfiction you seek, by example, “Johnlock fanfiction,” and you should get posts mentioning them)

If you have more questions about fanfiction, feel free to ask them. I am always happy to answer them! If you like this blog, don’t you forget to share it on your social media?