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You’ve probably all had it.
You are watching your favourite TV show, or you’re reading your favourite book, and BOOM!
Your favourit character is dead. Or something very, very bad has happend to them.
On that defyning moment, a lot of things can happen to you. You can cry, by example, or, you can curse at the creator of the series you’ve seen, or the book you have just read.
Why did they do this to your favourite character? Why did they make your favourite couple experience something this horrible?
The creators of books and series have a special category in the fandom life itself, and to be honest… It is pretty interesting.

The creators and their fans
To many fangirls and fanboys, the writers and creators of their favourite TV shows and books are as important to them as the characters themselves. They are the people who decide what will happen to their favourite characters, and if something bad happends to the character you love so much, they are the ones to blame, and they surely know it.
A simple example of a TV-show creator who knows that the fans blame her for events that happend to the characters of TV-shows she created, like Grey’s Anatomy, and How to get away with murder, is producer Shonda Rhimes, owner of her own company Shonda land.

I make stuff up for a living. It’s not real, okay? Don’t tweet me your craziness

This is what the producer and creator from multiple ABC-studios hit series has written in her twitter bio.
The 46-year old definitely knows people are crazy about her shows. Look at the examples below, about fans expressing their “love” for Shonda.

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Shonda Rhimes isn’t the only one with people spreading their opinion about her on the internet. Another show creator who has a lot of people seeing him as the evil master mind from the BBC, is Steven Moffat, the mastermind behind shows as “Sherlock” and “Doctor Who.”

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Shonda and Steven are just two peaks of the big ice mountain called “creators of culture in our modern day,” because there are so many other writers and creators who are having a hate/love relationship with their fans as well.
We hate them because they are so good in their work. They make us feel with their characters, they give them beautiful story lines, and because of their beautiful ideas, we get the chance to forget reality for a while. We cry because they decided to kill a character, or we cherish their name, because they brought our OTP together.
We love them because they make us beg for more. They make us feel when something happends to a character we have loved for so long, and not only that. They give the characters beautiful quotes to inspire us, in the hope we will use their wisdom in our own lives, in the hope they can make a difference. In the hope that we can make a difference, because of them.
So, as I said before, we live in a love\hate relationship with the creators of our favourite books, movies, and TV-series. We live in a love\hate relationship with them, and all of us are hoping that it will last forever.

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