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I assume that the most of you can perfectly recognise the following situation:
You have just come home from a long, boring, annoying day at school, with tons of homework to make. You’ve just fallen down in front of the TV, trying to relax before that enormous pile of tasks will get your attention, but then your mom comes around:
“I am not paying your gym membership for nothing. Get yourself to the gym, or you can start paying it yourself.”
There is that part of you that wants to stay on the couch forever, but there is this small part inside of you that wants do make homework, because hey, you want to graduate from High School someday, AND wants to go to the gym.
Long story short, you’re having a problem, and it only gets bigger.
You also have these people who absolutely hate sports, but are forced to the gym by their parents, because exercising is “healthy” for you. Ugh. Luckily, I just discovered something nice. Did you know that fandoms can actually help you to find the power to exercise?

Watching an episode
If you are going to an Anytime Fitness gym, you have the nice possibility to watch videos during your exercise. So, what about a nice episode of Greys Anatomy during that one hour run? It will be over before you know it.

Soundtracks everywhere
Every TV show and/or movie has these nice things called soundtracks, or maybe even scenes where your favourite character sings. So, what about putting one of these on? Exercising on the voice of Jensen Ackles, or Kevin McKidd… It should make things a lot easier.

Read that book. Now.
The only thing you can see during cycling in the gym, are the stupid numbers that show you how far you’ve actually cycled. BORING!! Why don’t you read a book during your cycling work-out? Read a few chapters of your favourite book, and voìla, you’re on!


The post from today is not as big as I had hoped for folks, because today was a really busy day. There will be no post tomorrow, because I probably need to work until 11PM,  but I will be back on Friday, with studying struggles, and a nice post about TGIT!