The exam stress is finally over for me, which means that I have time to write again on this wonderfull blog. I have finally the possibility to taste the freedom of having no homework again, which means that I can write about it, to every single one of you.
Oh yeah, it is good to be back. I’m back, with a bunch of announcements.

More posts
Now that I have been released from the jail called “High School,” I will be posting more frequently. Keep your eye out for more posts, about a million of things!

Youtube channel
I will be starting a youtube channel, with fanvids, book, movie, and TV-series reviews, and vids about my own writing struggles. More information about that will follow soon!

How to write a novel in 100 days?
I assume there will be people among you who will understand. You start on something, an assignment by example, and guess what?
You don’t finish it.
Maybe you are just lazy, or not in the mood, I don’t know that of course, but to make a long story short… I am that kind of person. That is why I’m making a challenge up to myself.
I want to challenge myself, in writing a novel within 100 days. A complete novel, completely done, and ready for publishing.
Sounds crazy, hm?
Well, we’ll find out in the end. Let’s see if I have the guts to forfill this challenge.
You’ll see things about the challenge crossing this blog, and I am planning on making youtube videos called “Day 1,” and go so further.

14 hours stuck with…
Yeah, you read that right. Some people are gonna be stuck with me on a bus this summer, for at least fourteen hours. This wouldn’t be as much fun if I wouldn’t be vlogging about it, would it?