Have you ever been this crazy, that you are walking ten kilometers (six miles and a bit), completely volunteerly, and that you are also enjoying it?
I bet you have not. It’s a bit weird that I am crazy enough to do it.

This week, I have walked ten kilometers, three nights in a row, with tonight being the last day. Here in the Netherlands, we call it the “avond vierdaagse.”
With the avond vierdaagse, you can choose between walking 5 kilometers, 10 kilometers, or 15 kilometers, and you need to walk this distance for four nights in that certain week, to receive a medal for participating on the last night.
Now you’re probably asking yourself the following question: ‘WHY MONICA?!’
Well, I have multiple reasons for participating. When the avond vierdaagse started, I had just (literally that same day) finished my state exams, and I had found a certain peace in participating. Not having to worry about making those exams anymore, just… Relaxing. From falling into a big fat hole, I went to spending my time walking, simply on my own, with earphones in my ears, and music. Nothing else.
By the way, did you know that the landscapes you go through are giving you pretty good inspiration for writing poetry, and for writing stories?
They sure as hell do. I’ll keep you posted about that.

Back to the peace of walking such a distance.
It is quiet peacefull, walking on your own. You are enjoying the peace. You are enjoying the silence. How often do we do such thing?