Hey everyone!

So, as the most of you will probably know, I am a huuuuuuge fangirl. I am obsessed with multiple books, tv-series and movies, and since I have fallen in love with writing stories as well, I have put my love in a crazy fanfic: Battle of the Fandoms.

It happends that the sixteen year old Maryan wakes up in a forest, where she is attacked by dementors, which she knows from her favourite book series: Harry Potter. When the young girl is saved by enormous wolves, she gets taken to a very special camp, where she learns the truth about her favourit books, TV-series, and movies. She also learns that they are at war, and that there is just one person who can help them…

Since I know not everyone will be following me on wattpad, where I have this story posted, I will be posting it here as well, but with more… “Additions.”
I hope you guys will like the prologue!

Starling City
somewhere just after midnight
Location: Unknown

It was the sound of his phone, that woke Oliver from his sleep.
“Oliver, turn on the news! You NEED to see this.”
“Felicity, what’s going on?” He asked.
“Okay, okay,” he sighed. He took the remote control, which was on the little desk in his room, and turned the tv on at the local news channel.
“Is this a joke?”
“I’m affraid it isn’t, Oliver. Where the hell came it from?”
A dragon was attacking the city. Literally. On screen, he could see a enormous beast flying over, blowing fire out of his mouth.
Call Roy,” Oliver told Felicity. “I’m on my way.”



“Merlin, I really hope for you you’re having a very good reason to wake my wife and me in the middle of the night,” Arthur growled.
“I am sorry, sire, but you really need to see this.”
Merlin had made the mistake to rush in into Gwen and Arthur’s bedroom in the middle of the night, without announcing his arrival, but the situation… It was complicated.
Gaius had been working on a special potion – the potion will only work when I make it at night – , but during his work, he had noticed strange events in the courtyard of the castle.
He had woken Merlin, and both of them had come to the conclusion that something was terribly wrong.
Where ever they looked, they could see statues of winged creatures, and when one of them blinked… They moved.
Gaius had heard stories about these statues once. They could kill you with a simple touch. It also occured sometimes, that you vanished.
“What is happening? Are we under attack?” Gwen asked sleepy.
“Sort of,” Merlin said. “You should look outside.”