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So, since a while, the world has a new addiction called Pokemon GO: An application for your smartphone, which makes it possible for you to be a pokemon trainer, and to go hunting pokemon in the real world. The app is already a huge hit worldwide, while many people use secret doorways to download the app, because the app is officially only available in the USA, New Zealand, and Australia.

Personally, I love the app, but I will probably cry at the end of the month, when I get my bill for data use on my phone, and having a real guide in the app would be nice. It took me three full days to figure out (without looking things up on the internet) that I had to spin a pokestop around, to receive any items, like pokeballs. That was something I am not very fond of.

Further, I will try to make a video vlog about my own experiences with pokemon go, and I might even go on a pokemon go hunt, if my mobile data allows it. You guys will hear from me soon about that 🙂

What else is there to say about Pokemon GO?
It surely gets kids from the couch. That should have happend way earlier.