“Being a journalist is one of the most powerful jobs you will ever find, because a journalist has the power to shape people and events in front of a public.”

It was something like this the guy from my journalism studies class has said this morning, and I totally agree with him.
Today, I have been three days into my study of journalism, and honestly, I am starting to like it more with every minute that passes.

My editorial group and I (our year is parted in editorial groups, so we can work like a real group that works for a newspaper, or a news channel) only had journalism studies today, which was very interesting. I found it pretty cool to hear about how powerful the job you want to do the rest of your life actually is. You would not think about it at first sight, but there is a certain truth in it, isn’t it?
The road in succeeding this school is a long and difficult one, but there is no “real”  competition between people yet. We have just started the year, and we are just getting to know each other. Maybe the competition will come, in another year. We’ ll see about that.
These first few days… They were exciting. They were fun.

You probably don’t understand anything from what I’m writing, are you? Well, let me begin at the start.
As I recently have started college, with a major in journalism, I have just experienced the first few days, which were pretty cool. We’ve had an introduction camp (what happend there, will stay there forever), and we’ve got to know each other.
When we arrived this monday, we got to hear our editorial groups. All people from our  year are divided into small editorial groups, because in that way, we can function like the real staff of a newspaper, or a broadcasting channel.
I have been placed in a group with pretty amazing people, and I’m pretty sure we will be a great editorial group, and that we will bring our first project to a succes. I know that journalism is a lot about competition, but I believe it is about working as a team as well, because how could you otherwise make a magazine, by example? You can never make something like that all on your own. That is absolutely impossible.

We can’t always think about school though. Last night, our school had organized an afterparty from the introduction week, but when someone got kicked out of the bar where we were having the party (being seventeen and having a beer… It’s pretty illegal), we went with a bunch of people to the mcdonalds, to have a drink overthere, and to just hang out with each other.
There is no real competition yet. Just making friends, and getting to know each other. Lovely, isn’t it?