We know exactly when that one time of the year is coming.
Promo’s are appearing everywhere, exclusive photos are “leaking” out, and there is tension in the air.
Hiatus is almost over.
You can read everywhere on social media that the fangirls and fangirls are preparing themselves for the return of their favorite TV shows, which gives a legit reason to recap all of them because hey; how did their season finale end again?

Grey’s Anatomy
    Grey’s Anatomy ended with a finale like we know it, the wedding of Owen and Omelia, and the birth of the Japril baby.
As we know Shonda Rhimes, we know that she has a lot of more in store for us. We had poor Deluca who got beat up by Alex in the season finale, and the surprising love triangle between Maggie, Meredith, and Nathan Riggs.
So how will it continue? We’ ll see about that, at 22 september

American horror story
We can’t really talk about American horror story, because each season is different, and this time, we literally know NOTHING.

The walking dead
  “Eenie meenie miney mo…”

It ended with a sherlock who got called back because Moriarty appeared on every screen in the country, and from what we’ve seen from the season 4 trailer, there is an amazing season coming for us…

Chicago fire
    Chicago fire ended with Matt Casey, who made the define choice between being a politician, or the woman he loved, together with the child she adopted.
From what we’ve seen in the season five trailer, we know that an old fashioned season is coming up, with hot and hilarious firemen, and a lot of fires. Well done Fox. Well done.