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“Today you get to be real journalists.
Get out on the streets, and find yourselves some street news!”

At my school for journalism, we had our first day task this week.
Each project we need to do exists out of day tasks, task where we need to act like real journalists, to get to our final product.
The goal was to write a news article about local news, which was way more difficult then it sounds.

So, together with my partner, I went out to one of the most famous amusement parks here in the Netherlands, because it’s actually a ten minute bus drive away from our school, and it was a beautiful day.
Before we left, we had called with the press line of the park, to ask stuff about Hansel and Gretel, the all known fairy tale that would be gone out of the magic forest for a while, because it had to be renewed. The lady who had answered our call, told us to send an email with our questions.
Long story short, we ended up at the entrance of the park, asking people how they felt about the fact Hansel and Gretel would not be available to see for a while.
They cared little, but the FOLLOWING DAY, I was really disappointed.
The previous day, the press line had told us (after the email), that they had been too busy to answer our questions. Now we knew why.
Turned out, the park had been dealing with journalists, asking about the park being a possible target for a terrorist attack.