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“Always have a plan B. Always.”

This week, it was time for the second task. Writing an article about something national, but bringing it back to something local.

Together with someone from my editorial group, we decided to do it about sexual child abuse, pointing to a national article at nu.nl (a dutch news website), about the fact that half of the convicted offenders don’t get punished for their crimes.
This seemed like a good idea -hey, it is an issue- , until we were two hours further, and none of our sources were responding.
Time to go to plan B.
My project partner had told me about a new trent that is going on at high schools in the netherlands; Getting high school students involved with the application talks for new teachers.
Since my high school was three hours away from my college, we decided to call my project partner his old high school, since that was just an easy twenty minutes away from our college, and after a simple phone call, we had an immediate hit. We could immediately come to the school, to interview the principal, and a bunch of students about the topic.

I will leave the details of what we exactly asked out of the post, because of school reasons, but to make a long story short, let me end with the following thing:
We ended up sending our article one hour prior to our deadline to our editorial group leader, while other people did not even have a source yet.
So, following plan B is not always bad. Sometimes it is something good.