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Hey everyone! How are you guys doing?
So, during my time in Slovenia, there was a game we always played, called the werewolf game, and I thought hey, why not sharing it with the people on Mona’s words?

The game starts with all the players sitting in a circle, and a story teller. Everyone who participates in the game (with exception of the story teller) pulls a card, which is their character card. After everyone has gotten a card, the story teller starts the story, starting with “Night falls in the beautiful village of (fill in name of village), and the people of (fill in name of village) are falling asleep…”

At this moment, people close their eyes. Before we continue, let me explain the character cards to you.

The card of the citizen is a normal card, which means you don’t have any special abilities.

We all know who cupid is. Cupid is the god of love. Our beautiful cupid has to make two people fall in love with each other, which means they are connected until the day they die. If one person dies, the other one dies as well.

Most of the time, three werewolves are hunting the grounds. When the storyteller calls out for the werewolves, the people with the werewolf character cards need to open their eyes, and they need to point at the person who they want to kill -kick out of the game-.

When the hunter dies, he has one single bullet, which means he can take one other person with him to his death. The player with the card of the hunter can point out to one other person, so that person will die as well.

Innocent little girl
The innocent little girl can peek through her eyelashes, during the time the werewolves are awake. This gives her certain knowledge during the came, but you got to make sure no one knows about it…

The witch has two potions, and each one can be used for one single time. One potions to safe, one potion to kill.

The lady of the night
The lady of the night never sleeps at home in the night. When the night falls, the lady of the night chooses a place to sleep at night, and only when that exactly same person gets killed, she dies as well.

The psychic
The psychic can see other people their cards. Each round, during the night, when everyone sleeps, the psychic can point out to the person which he wants to see the card from. This card will be shown to the psychic by the story teller, and then put back on its place.

All characters known, the first night can start. When dawn arrives, someone has been killed, and a mayor needs to be chosen from the people. The mayor can be chosen during an election, where everyone needs to vote on their favorite candidate, and after the election, the player that won gets the special mayor card.
The mayor is a very important character, because during the votes for the execution, he/she has a double vote.
Now, the citizens need to start discussing. Who is a suspect? Who might be a werewolf?
When they’ve discussed enough with each other, they need to vote for a person they want to die. After the votes, the player that has died need to show his/her card to the other players, to show if he/she was a werewolf or not. After that, the player is out of the game, and the game continues, until all the werewolves are gone, or only when a few werewolves are left, (or only one werewolf.)