This will NOT be a spoiler free review

BOOM. The review of Harry Potter and the cursed child, for those who haven’t read it yet, and oh dear, what a book it was.

Let me tell you about the book this way; When I first read the plot online, I honestly believed that it would be like a really bad fan fiction. When I read the book myself, I was brought to tears.

The book is the script of the famous Harry Potter play, about  Harry Potter with kids, and how he became a typical office guy, as head of the magical law enforcement department.
First of all, I came to the following conclusion: Geez Harry, is this what became of you? How shamefull.

My head got even more spinned around when Hermione turned out to be the new minister of magic, and poor Albus ended up in friggin Slytherin.

We’re not even talking about the friggin time travelling part yet.

Now I’m reading this back, I’m realising this is more me talking around about the book. Well, that is something as well. Let me make the story short for you:

The opinions vary, about the eight story of Harry Potter. They vary a lot. Don’t let those opinions keep you from reading the book. You’ll have an opinion of your own.