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I. Friggin. HATE. Crashing. My. Deadline.

Well well well. The third week task arrived, and before I continue telling you about how that went (I had to write for my life, but more about that later), there is something I need to explain.

In the Netherlands, we have this thing called “Prinsjes dag,”  which you should definitely google, where the king reads a speech, telling what the government is planning to do in the year that is about to come.
Because of the fact this is pretty important news, we had to write a follow-up article about it, but we had to bring it back to a certain region, and THERE we have the wonderful moment where everything went wrong for me.
So, I decided to do an article about how the government plans would effect my own community in the south, which resulted in calling a guy that I know who’s in the city council, and when I was done interviewing him, I had still a loooong time before my deadline reached its end.
The truth is, that I wanted more. I needed more information. So, I started calling some other people, who were only able to answer me AFTER 3PM, which would mean I had to write my article within two hours, including interviewing these people.
I called someone else, who told me he would call me back before my deadline. The person I called is someone I know pretty well, so I waited, and I waited.
He called me back, with for me, 30 minutes left on the clock. So I started to write. I started writing for my life, to be exactly.
I handed in my article one minute before my deadline.
I friggin hate crashing my deadline.