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I’ve been reading HEX from the dutch author Thomas Olde Heuvelt the last couple of days, and before I start, I have one advice for you:

This isn’t for the weak of heart

Note: The book has three versions, a version that takes place in “Beek”, a village in the Netherlands, a version where the story takes place in the United States, and a version with an alternate ending. This review is about the dutch version of the story, with an alternate ending.

The story of Hex goes about a small village called “Beek”, close to the German border. The story centers on Stefan and his wife and sons, who live in the little village, and stuff goes from bad to worse for them.
I am giving a slow clap for Thomas Olde Heuvelt, because WOW, what a story. He starts his afterword with “I’m sorry. I let myself go a little.”
Yeah, you weren’t kidding when you said that.
There is one great advice I want to give everyone who wants to read the book: DO NOT READ IT AT NIGHT. You will definitely regret that decision.

In the first chapter of the book, it is not really clear what exactly is going on, but as the story goes on, you go from “what the…” to “wait… Is this little village kidding me?”

The language used by Olde Heuvelt is understandable for everyone, something you can’t say from everyone these days, and I can promise you, that at the end, you will have the similar reaction I had:

What. The. Hell. Did. I. Just. Read?