Tick tock, goes the clock.

The fourth day task arrived, and this time, it was something completely different.

What I had already been taught at day one, was that journalism isn’t easy. At all. The previous day tasks had made that clear enough, but it became even more clear at day task four: Making a TV item for a broadcast.

Together with our editorial group, we had to prepare for a broadcast, giving everyone their own task. Two people had to play hosts, while other people had to play the camera people, or were in the editorial room.
During our first editorial group meeting for this project (which made also very clear that some people are way too much addicted to their bed), we came up with our first subjects. Two people would go to a local sport event, some people would go to a fair, other people would go to the local supermarket, and a girl from my editorial group and I would go to the dutch championships skateboarding, organized by the dutch skateboarding federation.

Shooting our item at the championship went great, and I can tell you, it was a real experience.
Have you ever wondered why journalists love their job so much?
Well, I have learned one of the perks of being a journalist. One of those perks is called “press bracelet.”
Press at the championship got a special bracelet for press people, and you were allowed to come at a bunch of places were visitors were not allowed, which gives a very satisfying feeling.

If you think shooting the item is all you need to do, well, you’re wrong. It’s only the beginning.
After having shot the item, you still need to edit it, which can be a real pain in the gut if you don’t know how some editing programs work.
It can happen to you that when you are just done with editing, your entire video will vanish, so you can start all the way over again.
It sucks. Believe me. I know.

The fourth day task is not a task for one day, because it is impossible to make and edit a video item in one day, so it is spread over the week.
Everyone has their own task for the news broadcast (which we will shoot this friday), and I had the “beautiful” honor of making the flip book, something that carries in dutch the beautiful name of “het draaiboek.”

You can see the flip book as the bible of a news broadcast, because without it, there would be no broadcast.
The flip book is very important, and is made by the end editor. The end editor has to be behind everyone’s ass, to make sure they hand in their stuff in time, which is a job that can be very annoying sometimes, but it is a job with a great responsibility, and not everyone is able to handle that.