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My life has never been more busy then right now.
I have not written a post on this blog for a while, not without reason. School is literally eating my time right now -especially studying for my finals,- and I barely have time to do something else then studying, and working on journalism projects.

What’s new?
Since I have not posted for so long, I can make this post bigger and better, because I have so much to tell. We have recently finished the first project, News and Media, where I had to write all these news articles for, and now, we’re in the last week of the project, making or finals.

How did it go for me?
I passed the project with flying colors! Luckily for me, my mentor was very content with my work. The first study points are in the pocket! Only 52 to go… That’s gonna be a rough ride.

The lecture, and the guy who ended up on the black list of the NATO
So, I went with people from my editorial group to Hilversum, which is also known as the Hollywood of the Netherlands. That is why it also carries the name of Hillywood 🙂
Now you’re probably wondering, what have you been doing there?
We went to a lecture from the host of “Oog in oog“, a dutch TV program where the host -who is known as a complete pain in the *ss- taught us a few things about interviewing people, and the subjects, because hey; That is really important, being a journalist.
The host, called Sven Kockelmann, told us a few interesting stories as well -like how he ended up on the black list of the NATO- , which was great to hear.
There are two key points from his lecture I will always remember, like:

  • You are the one who is interviewing someone else. It is NOT the other way around.
  • Try to avoid deep silences. When you are interviewing someone who has had media training, they are giving you these silences on purpose, because they actually don’t want to answer your question. Look out for them.

A third (and last point), none of us should ever forget:

  • Think really good about what you are asking the person you are interviewing, and how do they respond? Use that in your advantage 🙂

The broadcast in Hilversum (Also known as Hillywood)
At the last moment, I got asked if I wanted to join  the student association from school to the live broadcast of a tv program in Hilversum, the Hollywood of the Netherlands. The TV program, broadcasted by the public broadcasting channel,  is specially meant for consumers, called “kassa”, (cash register), about a lot of stuff. Prior to the broadcast, we even had a tour through studio 4, where we even saw the control room of the show. I can really recommend you guys to go to a live broadcast someday, because it is a real experience 🙂

Finals, finals, finals…
Because of the broadcast, I stood the weekend over at my college dorm, also with another very special reason, which will be familiar to most of you.
Finals week.
Nothing goes above the joy of sitting in the gymnasium of the local university, on chairs you can crash through any minute, and with tables that have the exact same issue.
I won’t bore you guys with the details. I’m still waiting for my results.

Working on free space items
So in my school, we have this thing called free space. During free space, a subject which we need to do on our own, we need to make our own journalism products. In one year, we need to have made the following stuff:

  • A written article with a minimum of 750 words
  • Another written article with a minimum of 750 words
  • A news video
  • Something to prove we have a social network (no Facebook… A REAL one)
  • Something with journalism and our own passion
  • A literature list
  • A two-days-counting internship

I need to have done three of those by january, and honestly, time is going faster then I expected… I will keep you guys posted on how it is going!


Thank you for reading guys. Next time, I will tell you all about the new project, the premiere of the one and only introduction camp movie, and having a high school senior with me for one day. Don’t forget to like the post 🙂