“If you don’t try it, you will never know if it works out or not.”

A few weeks back, we had our radio broadcast in our beautiful radio studio (as you can see on the picture), concerning the topic social media, and everything that goes with it.

Making radio is definitely not easy, and like most things in the life of a journalist student, it means that you need to work hard. Very hard.
During our project question and answer, we are supposed to make a radio broadcast, and a television broadcast, and we had to do the radio broadcast first, which meant interviewing people on the streets, about privacy, online-dating, what people annoys most, and addiction, getting an interviewing candidate to our studio, and making a flip book about how our broadcast was supposed to go. It sounds easier then it actually was.
After pulling a lot of strings, we finally managed to get an interview candidate, one of our teachers who specialized in social media. For privacy reasons, let’s call her “I.” for starters.

Because I. was unable to attend our broadcast at the planned day, we brought the broadcast to tuesday afternoon, while we had only class in the morning, what caused some people to be stuck at school for six hours, just waiting. When the time for the radio interview came around, I. was unable to attend. Thursday came out to be possible anyway.
So, that was a real bummer, but we accepted it, and we went on to the actual broadcast on Thursday, which went great. Together with someone else from my group we hosted the interview, and it went smooth. Really smooth. Definitely something I want to do more often.