“Carry on my wayward son,
There’ll be peace when you are done,
Lay your weary head to rest,
Don’t you cry no more.”

Around the last few weeks before christmas break, I started to notice that everyone was on the edge of exhaustion.

I could see it everywhere, even if I did not want to see it. People were tired, exhausted, and if christmas break did not come soon, some people may have cracked under the pressure that school gave them.
Everyone was under a lot of pressure because of the second interview we had to hand in right before the break (some people even went to the other side of the country, but more about that in my post about the second interview), and if that wasn’t enough, we had to start preparing for our TV interview, and for a fake press conference at the academy for communication in Eindhoven.

It was nice that after the fake press conference, the Christmas break would finally start, but the day before, you could really notice that everyone needed a well deserved vacation.
At thursdays, we usually start at 9.30. At something like 1pm, everyone was present.

Because of certain reasons I cannot write what the conference was about, but we went to Eindhoven by train, and after a lot of searching, we ended up in a class room, where we all had to present dutch newspapers, TV channels, and other media networks.
It was a lot of fun, I can tell you that. During the press conference, we had the chance to “crack” the students from the communication academy, who were playing spokespersons. If we could get them silent with our questions, we were happy. If we could get special quotes from them, we were even more happy, because that would be a great headline for the article we still had to hand in the same day.

After the press conference, my happiness faded quickly. Because I had to clean my dorm, I was only able to leave Tilburg late, with five bags and a suitcase, and when I got back to my parents at 9PM, I still had the lovely task of writing down my article, if I wasn’t tired enough.
After sitting behind my laptop with earpods for ninety minutes, I handed my article in.
Now I could finally enjoy the peace and quiet everybody had longed for.