Throwing yourself out in the world… It is kinda scary. Sometimes terrifying.
Since a few people from my editorial group had the guts to throw themselves out in the world, I decided to do that for myself as well. It’s not the same, but… Do you know that moment when you have to give a presentation, and you rather do it in front of people you don’t know, instead of your own parents?
Yeah, that feeling.
I had already started this blog in july 2016, after my high school exams, and where it lacked me of a certain “discipline” quiet often (and it probably still will), I did not post a lot, and even the thought of putting this blog on Facebook gave me goosebumps.
It felt like throwing my opinion about every single person in the world on Facebook. Blegh.

Where was I? Oh yeah.
So I finally dropped my blog on Facebook. Do you know how it felt?
It felt friggin good.