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I’ve arrived in this phase of school where I hear everyone complain about stress. I’ve heard people about having stress attacks, I’ve heard people about extreme crying moods and unfortunately, I’m not that different. I got a lot of stress as well.

It’s actually quiet funny. When you’re in elementary school, you think you have a busy life because you have homework once a week. When you get into high school, you realise you had an easy life in elementary school; Everything you need to do in high school, yeah that’s the real hell.
When you get into university, you realise that in high school you had an easy life; The stuff you have to do now… Bruh.
As a first year university student in the Netherlands who lives in dorms, you definitely don’t have an easy life. You need to manage school, your own food, you got to manage eating healthy, you have to exercise, sociale, you need to make money with a job to pay off all your loans, and in the weekends you’re spending a lot of time during traveling between your dorm and your parents their place. Some people are probably asking you how you’re still alive.
So, a question raises up in my mind: Do we put too much pressure on our children?

Some students are living a double life. They need to keep in touch with their friends from home, but they also need to build a life in the city where they’re studying. That isn’t easy.
Everyone expects you to do a ****load of work, finish all that work, go into civilian life, get married, get kids, and live. Is this why we do it?

Some people are applying their toddlers for fancy kindergarten spots, so they’ll be able to move on to a fancy elementary school. After that, they want their kids to move on to a fancy high school, with the hopes that after high school they can move on to a university like Harvard. That brings a ton of work with you. Is that how we do it today? Do we force our children into this life?

There is also the issue of what kind of study you are doing in university. You have these kind of studies that you don’t need to do anything. You can basically sleep your way through four years of uni, while people who follow a study like journalism, or who’re in MED school need to work their asses off. Is this the fairness we want for our children?

Just when I finished writing this, I realised that I’ve written a column about stress before, only it was in Dutch back then. Is stress such an important thing in our lives? Is it this important in my own life?
I don’t know if the answer is yes or no. Fact is that I’m gonna be really happy when the summer arrives.