Stuff about me

Hi there!

My name is Monica, I am currently nineteen years old. I am in love with writing stories, poetry, being a professional fangirl, and because I started a study in journalism in 2016, I decided to start this blog.

I am also a great fan of photography, so I might post the pictures I shoot on this blog as well. I haven’t done much with photography yet, but I hope to expand that later ☺

As I said before, my greatest love in life is writing stories. I’ve been basically writing stories my entire life – I can’t even remember when I started- , and I can only dream about being as succesfull as J.K. Rowling someday.

What is it I have done with writing so far?
Well, I have done more with writing then with photography, actually. When I was twelve, I was with the last six of a dutch writing competition (I believe there were more then 2400 participants? I’m not sure about that anymore)
When I was fourteen, I had a publication in “Hitkrant,” a dutch teen magazine, with the story “Auto pech.”
At the age of fifteen, I participated in an essay writing contest of the universe college Roosevelt, with my essay called “Je kunt de mensen laten luisteren.” Luckily, I won, and I got to read my work out loud in front of the members of the Roosevelt family.
At the age of fifteen, my story “Ziekte der demonen,” also known as “disease of the demons,” was published in a stories bundle with other writers, called “Gentasia, fantastische verhalen voor de jeugd, deel 2.”
In 2015, I had the honor of reading the essay “Een verschil? Dat is er niet,” at one of the four freedom lectures.
In 2016 I’ve written multiple poems and stories for my own collection, and have I joined the “poetry circle”, where I discovered a few new loves: spoken word and poetry.

Now you are probably having one very specific question…
I am dutch, but why am I writing in english?
That question has a very simple answer. By writing most of my post on this blog in english, I hope to be able to reach a bigger audience then just the dutch people. So will everyone be able to read it 🙂


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